Things you should know before you book one of our tours

Quad Safari Rhodes
How safe is quad driving?

Everyone can drive a quad! Before the tour starts, our guide will explain everything you need so you are ready to go! Of course you should not become cocky and adapt your driving style to your skills.

What should I bring to the Quad Tour?

We advise you to wear closed shoes without shoelaces or to put these in the shoes at least. You should also bring sun creme, swimming suit, towel and enough to drink in plastic bottles.

Do I need a Driving License?

Yes, all drivers will need a valid driving license for cars. If you are not coming from an EU country you also have to present the International Driving Permit which you have to apply for in your home country. If you are coming from Switzerland your national driving license will be fine.

Is there a transfer from and to my hotel?

Yes, the transfer is included in the price.

Are the quad bikes automatic or manual?

Our quad bikes are automatic. You don’t need a clutch or change gears to operate them.

Can my children join us on the tour?

We do not recommend this tour for children.

If we book a quad for 2 persons can we swap the driver during the tour?

Yes, if you both have a valid driving license we can put 2 names in the drivers agreement.

  • All drivers must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
  • Legal guardians must sign for all passengers under 17 years of age.
  • Use of alcohol is strictly forbidden prior and during the tour.
  • All drivers must read our driving terms and condition form and sign it.
  • This states that they will obey the given terms and will ride at their own risk.​
  • Proper shoes are required. This means no high heels, sandals, flip flops or open shoes.
  • Please note that it will dusty! If you are using contact lenses and have sensitive eyes you may bring some special protection glasses!
  • You have to speak and understand for the driving and safty instructions one of the following languages:
    • English
    • Deutsch

Important Notes

Quad Safari Rhodes

You should NOT take our tours:

Quad Safari Rhodes
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have big problems with back pain
  • After an operation

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